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Web-based Training Course: Packaging Artwork Document Verification and Proofreading

Getting artwork right is a critical requirement for companies providing products to healthcare providers and patients, whether they be pharmaceuticals, biologicals or medical devices manufacturers. This relies on having the right capabilities in place - processes, tools and skills. Proofreading is a key part of these capabilities.

'Artwork recall remains one of the highest causes of recall in the healthcare industry and carries the risk of serious consequences for patients.'

Pharmaceutical Artwork Proofreading can be seen as one of the last defences before the drug product is released to production, yet, few people involved in proofreading have had formal training in the different aspects of manual and electronic proofreading. Where else would you encounter a critical quality control task that was not supported by formal, recorded training?

This is the reason why Be4ward artwork experts have put together this one of a kind web-based training created to help artwork professionals, whether they are in artwork, central and local country regulatory, packaging engineering or other teams providing critical data to be fully capable and competent in this topic.

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